The Bellary South Devon stud is run on the farm Bellary, near Tweeling in the Reitz district, characterized by rolling hills of the North-Eastern Free State. The farm is situated 1 600 m above sea level. Winters are extremely cold with severe frost and occasional snow falls, while summers are warm to hot. The annual rainfall is about 650mm. All cattle, both commercial and stud, are run on the veld and no preferential treatment is given to stud animals. All animals receive a protein lick during winter and a salt and phosphate lick during summer. During late winter all pregnant cows receive a production lick up until the first good summer rains have fallen and enough green vegetation is available.

South Devon cattle have been a part of my life as far back as I can remember. My grandmother started farming with South Devon cattle as far back as 1975. Bulls were mostly purchased from the Sonderrus Herd of Andries Strydom, Petrus Steyn, renowned for the quality and milk production of their female animals. During later years my Mother took over farming operations and always bought the best South Devon bull she could afford, mainly from the Sonderrus and Kransfontein herds. I started farming in 1991 and introduced bloodlines from the Batavier herd of Wilna van Beek and Khoela herd of Casper Claasen. Artificial insemination was also used on a regular basis if and when quality South Devon semen could be attained.

During the year 2000 a decision was taken to take the commercial South Devon herd “to the next level” in order to improve long term profitability and efficiency of the cattle operation. A decision to move onto stud breeding and performance testing was taken, in order to achieve the above mentioned goals. The female basis of the Bellary herd was taken from my commercial herd of South Devon cows. My first “stud bulls” were purchased from the Andiro herd of Ian Turnbull and the Winston herd of John Miller, both situated in harsh, extensive terrain in the Eastern Cape Province. During the last decade I carefully selected bulls from the Andiro, Winston, Aduvon and Magpela herds I believed would accelerate genetic progress towards breeding the “modern South Devon” that can excel on natural veld conditions. Today the herd consists of 250 registered cows and replacement heifers.

Lately, the introduction of Australian polled semen to the AI program has brought another dimension to my breeding goals. Polled bulls are currently available to commercial breeders. The aim is to increase the polled genes in the herd through careful selection, while not neglecting other important performance traits.

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I believe in absolute honesty and good after-sale service.

Bellary South Devon Bulls are for sale off the farm from September every year.


Dan Kriek
P.O. Box 86  ●  Tweeling  ●  9820
Cell:  082 944 0566
Visitors always welcome!


●  Fertility - selection for fertility is the most important breeding goal
●  Breeding right size-right type animals, mainly determined by the environment
●  A weaning weight ratio of above 50 %.
●  Sufficient milk production
●  Good pre- and post wean growth
●  Good temperament
●  Ease of calving - an average birth weight of 34-36kg
●  Phase-D test for young bulls to select for growth on natural veld conditions


●  The herd has received numerous Best Producing Cow Awards over the years
●  The herd has received the Farmer’s Weekly Cow Award for BL03-72 during 2014
●  The herd is among the TOP 3 herds for Inter Calving Period on a regular basis
●  The herd has received 4 BLUP Bull of the Year Awards from the Society

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