South Devon cows and heifers: the central pillar of stud efficiency
Farmer’s Weekly, 07 September 2022

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A breed that offers lean beef and plenty of good, rich milk.
Farmer’s Weekly, 28 April 2012

South Devons originated in south-west England, where they were bred for beef and milk, and as draught animals. They were imported into Natal in 1897, and subsequently into several other parts of the country. The South Devon Cattle Breeders’ Society of South Africa was founded in Pietermaritzburg in 1914.

The breed’s popularity has gone up and down over the years, but since the start of this century there has been a huge demand for both bulls and cows. South Devons have adapted excellently to South Africa’s harsh conditions, as they are good grazers and their smooth, ‘medium red’ coats can handle the heat well. It is a dual-purpose breed, with a good quality carcass as well as rich milk.   Read more

South Devons are highly fertile. This cow has already produced eight calves and has retained her condition even in mid-winter.  (Photo: Chris Nel)


Imported Polled South Devon Semen

The South Devon Breeders are in the process of importing polled semen. This has been discussed for sometime between the breeders, but at the AGM held in March 2010 it was decided to import semen from polled bulls from Australia, New Zealand and USA. We have made good progress and some breeders have already inseminated cows with imported semen during the previous season, and surely further inseminations are planned for the current breeding season. There is every possibility that in 2 years time we will be presenting polled bulls on our sales.

There have been a number of enquiries for polled bulls from commercial breeders, and we are keen to meet the needs of our clients. As South Devon breeders we are making a concerted effort to bring polled bulls onto the market. The bulls that have been identified in other countries have good figures and we are confident that they will have a positive impact on the present South African herd.

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