BL 14 0061

JM 13 1650 (Winston Duke Hermes)

Winstonís latest addition to our string of Stud Bulls is another quality bull from Bellary South Devon Stud. This good looking bull is a Grandson of JM 97 0031 who comes from the old Mannie blood line and we are extremely excited to see what will come from the reintroduction of this old blood line. Once again, Bellary South Devons have produced a Bull with great muscling and temperament and has the figures to back it up.

Polled dark red bull with great length and muscling, grandson of Torr Down Hermes 3. Fertile Dam of 5 calves at an average ICP of 364 days.



JM 13 1588 (Winston Double Caddy)

BL 12 0069

Son of Australian Polled Sire Cadman, great figures and won the BLUP bull of the year 2015.

Another Stud Bull bred by the Bellary South Devon Stud. Low on birth direct and we have found him very easy calving on our heifers. Tough, Hardy, well balanced bull that complements our herd nicely.



JM 11 1179 (Winston Brilliance)

JM 09 0071

Brilliance is a grandson of one of the pillars of the Winston herd, Aduvon Johnny. Brilliance was kept as a stud bull in 2013 because he was the pick of the parcel and his figures have proved close on untouchable. He was taken to Nampo in 2014 and was a great exhibit and representitive for the South Devon Breed.

JM 09 0071 was our first ever home bred Polled Stud Bull. Polled genes originating from an Appendix B mother and has incredible length and muscling. Positive on milk and has good growth figures which has shown in his progeny here at Winston.



JM 14 1710 (Winston Ever so Clever)

JM 13 1530 (Winston Diesel)

This young 2 year old heifer bull was our pick of the 2014 Bull calves. He is a son of BL 11 43 (below) and ticks all the boxes as far as Growth, Fertility and Temperament go. He seems to be a perfect combination of blood lines with his mother being a son of long serving Winston Saggeus who has bred some of the best Dams in the Winston Herd. We are expecting big things from this young bull and believe he will complement our herd magnificently.

Diesel is a well-rounded, good looking bull that we have no problem using on our heifers. Good muscling, negative on birth direct and throws smooth coated calves.



JM 12 1474 (Winston Champagne)

JM 12 1367 (Winston Chester)

Champagne is the typical hardy South Devon type we are aiming to breed at Winston. He keeps his condition throughout the year and has some promising progeny coming through. His dam had 9 calves at an average of 366 days with and average wean weight of 252

Chester is the son of AI Bull from Australia Gadara Poll Zion. With great growth figures and being negative on birth direct he was already a candidate to stay at Winston but with his length, muscling and polled influence it was a no brainer to keep these new genetics right here in our herd.



BL 11 0043


BL 11 0043 is a stud Bull that was bred by our fellow stud breeder, Dan Kriek at Bellary South Devon Stud in Tweeling. Bellary South Devon Herd is known for its fertility and growth and this is exactly what BL 1143 has added to our cattle. He has adapted well to our veld and climate and has already bred\ some very good looking young bulls. The Magpela South Devon Stud bought one of his sons as a new stud sire at this year.








AC 00 035 Aduvon Johnny

AC 02 004 (Benjamin)

Johnny arrived on Winston Farm in 2003 and was an absolute revolution to the Winston Herd. He clicked so well with the Winston Herd and bred some beautiful looking cattle. Johnny has had a total of 172 calves born on Winston Farm. Johnny was the main contributor to the string of bulls for about 5 sales in a row and his Grandsons still seem to be making contributions.




IRT 07 0053 (Barkley)

JM 00 0039



JM 07 0051 (Winston Saggeus)

BL 08 009 Snorter


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