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The South Devon Cattle Breeders’ Society of South Africa was founded on 24 June 1914 on a meeting held during the Royal Show in Pieter Maritzburg, Natal. The first President was Col. E.M. Greene of Nottingham Road. The decision to join the then SA Stud Book Association was taken on this historic first meeting. The Society almost disbanded during the Second World War when both its finances and its membership were at a very low ebb. Read more






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South Devons World Tour

South Devons world tour south africa

The 2017 South Devons World Tour – South Africa, 13-16 April 2017. Get more information

Imported Polled Semen

The South Devon Breeders are in the process of importing polled semen. This has been discussed for sometime between the breeders, but at the AGM held in March 2010 it was decided to import semen from polled bulls from Australia, New Zealand and USA.

We have made good progress and some breeders have already inseminated cows with imported semen during the previous season, and surely further inseminations are planned for the current breeding season. Read more

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SD Newsletter – December 2015